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Vaughn Enterprises Introduces new Wisconsin AMSOIL Website

 March 6, 2020

By  Greg Vaughn

Welcome to our new Wisconsin AMSOIL website!     

We’ve updated to add more information than ever to make it easy for you to educate yourself on AMSOIL products, to specify, and to buy whatever superior lubrication products you need.

    screen shot of Wisconsin AMSOIL website
For starters, we’ve added a dedicated sitemap to our AMSOIL website,  so you can instantly view the breadth of depth of the information on our site.  

You’ll also find a new “news” section – our AMSOIL website blog pages – where we’ll keep you posted on the latest and greatest AMSOIL news.  This is the first post in our blog news section.

One of our biggest additions is the social media coverage we’re increasing.  For example, you can follow us on LinkedIn.com at https://www.linkedin.com/company/vaughninc/   More information about our social media in our next blog post.

You can use our new SEARCH feature, at the top of the right column of most pages of our site, to find whatever you’re looking for.  Whatever your application, we welcome your inquiry!  Please call us toll free at 1-800-581-5823 from 8am to 8pm daily for personal assistance.

If you’re interested, view our privacy policy online.  In a nutshell, we respect your privacy.  If you sign up for newsletters, you can manage, modify or stop your subscription anytime.  You won’t get spammed!  We hate spam as much as just about everyone.

Wisconsin AMSOIL Website – Good for Wisconsin, the U.S. and Canada

While we often focus on local Fox Valley businesses and consumer customers in Wisconsin, we’re proud to do business throughout the United Sates and Canada.  We’ve been proud AMSOIL dealers since 1974, and have served consumers throughout North America, and manufacturers, automotive, laboratories and just about every other industry imaginable.

Thank you for viewing!  We hope you will contact us with any and all questions or suggestions about our new Wisconsin AMSOIL website.



Author: Greg Vaughn, President & CEO

Family Dealership established 1974
Vietnam War Veteran
Helicopter Mechanic, Military & Civilian
Civil Service, 1982- 2003


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