Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil

Not all hydraulic oils can cut it when the temperature plunges far below zero. We formulated Synthetic AW Series Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil to flow quickly in bitter cold to help prevent pressure spikes, erratic operation and ruptured hoses and seals. Since ambient temperatures can fluctuate wildly, we also formulated the oil to resist oxidation in the presence of high heat for the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect choice for maximizing the life and reliability of equipment that operates in temperature extremes.

Excellent Cold-Weather Performance

Synthetic AW Series Hydraulic Oil doesn't contain the waxes inherent to conventional oils that thicken in cold weather. It stays fluid in sub-zero temperatures for nearly immediate flow at startup. As a result, pumps, bearings, valves and other components receive vital lubrication at startup for long life. Reliable fluid flow reduces instances of pressure spikes that can damage pumps and rupture hoses and seals, helping reduce maintenance.

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