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Becoming an AMSOIL Dealer in Wisconsin

 August 26, 2021

By  Greg Vaughn

Note:  This is our first "Guest Blog" post, courtesy of Keith Klein, on his experience of recently becoming an AMSOIL Dealer in Wisconsin.  I'll be back next week with the new AMSOIL Dealer Magazine for September, 2021.

 Greg Vaughn

I joined Greg Vaughn at Cars on Main in Lannon, Wisconsin, on Sunday, July 25th.  We had a great time.  Jennifer Bartelt of Main Street Framing Gallery was a great host and co-sponsor of a Wisconsin Business Owners event (organized by yours truly) the same day.

I felt very comfortable manning the AMSOIL display tent that my sponsoring dealer, Greg Vaughn, and I setup on Saturday.  After setup we enjoyed dining at Mibb’s & Viv’s on Main Street and Lannon Road, home of Legendary Broasted Chicken.  Greg eagerly anticipated trying out my favorite fish fry place in all the land, and I enjoyed the food, and sharing a bit about my experience in the small town that is a slice of Americana.

Sunday morning brought a lot of visitors to the show, and to our display.  Greg graciously gave me an AMSOIL t-shirt to wear.  Thanks, Greg.  Many auto enthusiasts stopped by to chat with us at our display.  Honestly, ninety percent of the people who visited know at least ten times as much about oil as I do...and they love AMSOIL.

The nicely-customized AMSOIL display Greg becoming an AMSOIL dealer in Wisconsin photo of Greg Vaughnbrought along is super professional.  Greg has decades of experience doing car, motorcycle, truck and snowmobile shows, and they continue to be his best source of new customers, including preferred customers, retail customers, and even new dealers.

Since the show, I’ve completed online basic training for becoming an AMSOIL Dealer in Wisconsin, or anywhere, for that matter.  It jibed with the way Greg spoke to many visitors to our exhibit.  Lots of visitors already buy AMSOIL from a dealer they know, and Greg totally respects that relationship.  Where a prospect doesn’t have a source, or has to pay retail somewhere, we come in.  Greg and I both signed up eight new preferred customers each.  Best of all, we had a great time doing it!    Becoming-an-AMSOIL-Dealer-in-Wisconsin-Cars-On-Main-July-2021-

I got to see fellow Wisconsin Business Owners and to work with Jennifer at Main Street Framing.  I enjoyed it so much, we’re in the process of making a website for AMSOIL at MainStreetOil.com!

I love events like this!  Small town America.  Over 500 classic cars, hot rods, funny cars, dragsters and more…  The local Lannon Lions Club provided a great breakfast (while raising plenty of dollars/all their proceeds go to local charities).   Auto enthusiasts enjoying a fine Summer Sunday with plenty of sights and sounds and food and drink all around.

Just last week I got a very nice publication in the mail from AMSOIL with some history about the founder, Al Amatuzio, and the company, and a nice-sized AMSOIL decal and a note that my first commission check is on the way!

Greg has offered to support all prospects and customers (and I trust him).  He often does shows with other dealers and has fun doing it.  In a nutshell, my experience becoming an AMSOIL dealer has been great.

Keith Klein

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Author: Greg Vaughn, President & CEO

Family Dealership established 1974
Vietnam War Veteran
Helicopter Mechanic, Military & Civilian
Civil Service, 1982- 2003


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