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Mastering Diesel Injection: Key Insights for Optimal Performance

 March 26, 2024

By  Greg Vaughn

Publisher's Note: Welcome to our fifth edition of Tech Tips Tuesday on "Mastering Diesel Injection: Key Insights for Optimal Performance".  We'll be re-publishing an edition of AMSOIL Tech Tips for you every Tuesday.  Click on the Blog Category "Tuesday Tech Tips" to see everything published to-date.

John Gardner: Sales on Diesel Power Vehicles Continue to Rise: Diesels are Here to Stay.

Welcome to this AMSOIL Tech Tip on Diesel Injection. Now, when it comes to Diesel Injection, it's a lot like gasoline injection. You can see it right here on the screen. It all starts right down here in the fuel tank. Now, you see there's an actual low-pressure pump in the tank. That's important because we have to make sure the gasoline's in good shape, but the key is the low-pressure pump. Then it comes on up here, and when it comes up here, it's going through a water separator. The water separator separates the water, and then the key is right here: it goes through a high-pressure pump. Once we go through that high-pressure pump, we're talking 30, 40, 50, 60,000 PSI of pressure coming up to the common rail, and then boom, shooting through the injector.

Now, that's a problem because when we're going through these injectors, we have a lot going on here. We have a lot of heat, we have a lot of pressure, and we have a smaller pintle, so that's going directly into the cylinder. Len, what can you help us with here to keep these injectors clean?

Len Groom: Well, we've got several products, and it depends kind of where you're located, what type of weather you're seeing, what type of fuel you're seeing. As we know, diesel fuel is highly sensitive to weather, but your best bet would be the AMSOIL all-in-one product. It's going to cover everything that you discussed, plus more. It's going to take care of cleaning, it's going to take care of lubricating, it'll handle some cold temperature issues. It's your all-in-one. That would be the one I would recommend for this.

John Gardner: And just like gasoline injection, Len, I mean, the patterns are important. We have to get that, and like I said, that thing's sticking, you got debris in there, you're getting heat soaking, you have a smaller pintle with higher pressure. It's very susceptible to clogging. Now, on these injector patterns, which one do you want?

Len Groom: Well, obviously, I like that one on the left there.

John Gardner: Yeah, it's much better. That's going to atomize, that's going to do the job, and that's important when it comes to a diesel. So, can we address the injector itself and not have to do like an all-in-one?

Len Groom: Sure, if you're located somewhere where the temperature isn't cold, or you don't have some of those other issues, depending on what type of machine you've got, you could go with just our diesel injector clean. That's a highly concentrated additive that's in there, that's designed specifically to clean deposits.

John Gardner: Well, I'm going to take a few home because I have some diesels.

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